Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical appearance is how your pokémon looks visually. Usual reasons for different appearances for the same species, is whether it has a deformity or the time and place it was born. However, it does not change any original stats, e.g. attack stat, water type or moveset.


Deformities are when a Pokémon has features from a Pokémon

Evolutionary DeformitiesEdit

These involve the natural evolutionary tree, when a first or second stage pokémon has appearances from it's predecessors,

e.g. Squirtle > Wartortle > Blastoise
A blastoise with a basic evolutionary deformity can have the ears and tail of a wartortle, and the pigmentation of a squirtle's shell, on it's own.

Split-Evolutionary DeformitiesEdit

This is when a deformity occurs during a branched evolution,

e.g. When a male Kirlia is evolving into a Gallade upon receiving a Dawn Stone, it can receive the dress from a Garde'voir, despite Gardevoir not being one of Gallade's predecessors.


This is when a grass type is born in a certain season, it is given pigmentation often associated with that season. However, the pokémon will keep this pigmentation, unlike a deerling or sawsbuck.

  • Summer - The basic colouring of a grass pokémon
  • Spring - Often consisting of a pink/red pigmentation, representing the blossoming season
  • Autumn - Pokémon born in the season of Autumn typically have brown/orange-red pigmentation, similar to that of the autumn leaves that fall from a tree.
  • Winter - Much like the other seasons, the grass pokémon born in winter have a whiter colour-palette, and showcase less leaves. As the winter pokémon have less leaves, they often have a replacement of a fluffy replacement (e.g. snow or wool)

Metal AlloysEdit

This is when a steel type is made from another metal, however commits to the same properties of steel.

e.g. a copper magnemite's steel exterior is replaced with a more "rusty" copper colour.

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