The amount of experience an individual Pokémon has is an indication of how much it has battled. After a certain amount of experience points have been gained, a Pokémon will grow a level, with each subsequent level requiring more experience to gain, all the way up to level 100, where a Pokémon will no longer gain experience. Through the eyes of your pokémon, it can represent age and wisdom.

Adventurers start off as level 10.

Experience TypesEdit

The amount of experience points a Pokémon has is tied directly to its level. Though the amount varies depending on species, always remaining consistent throughout an evolutinary family, a given amount of experience points will always set a Pokémon at the corresponding level.

All Pokémon fall into one of six experience groups. The main difference between these experience groups is the amount of experience points required to reach level 100, and thus, the amount required to reach each level.

Check the following links to find which category your pokémon appears under:

To find out the experience required for a certain level, please refer to this table.

Gaining ExperienceEdit

After defeating an opponent in battle, your pokémon will gain a certain amount of "XP" to reach its next level. However, wild pokémon have different yeilds of experience that the winning Pokémon will receive.

Gain FormulaEdit

Delta exp gen5 fixed

  • a is equal to 1 if the fainted Pokémon is wild, and 1.5 if the fainted Pokémon is of tame-sentience.
  • b is the base experience yield of the fainted Pokémon's species, listed here.
  • L is the level of the fainted Pokémon.
    • Lp is the level of the victorious Pokémon.
  • s is the number of Pokémon that participated in the battle and have not fainted. 

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